The trams in Tunis are a great way to get around. Certainly fast – even on the curved sections – the drivers don’t hang about. Most customers choose to pay the fare and ride in comfort. The trams are fairly modern and offer good standards of accommodation. Sometimes the locals choose to ride for free and seem to enjoy the thrill of a ride outside the vehicle.

The video below is a compilation of a some of the scenes I witnessed during my time in Tunis. Fabulous city by the way, which I thoroughly enjoyed visiting.

hold on tight!

In this next video we can see a near-miss with a couple of local youths messing around. Must give the drivers some heart-stopping moments I dare say..

kids larking around in front of a on-coming tram

In this next scene, near République we can see a busy road junction where two tram lines run to and from the main station. I was particularly surprised by the speed of the trams in Tunis. Maybe it was the fact I was concentrating on the filming. It just seemed fast for the environment – there’s no grade separation. Which is normal for most tram operations of course.

République busy junction – high speed operation