The city of Istanbul has a lot to offer any visitor and, as a researcher-designer, it has been my privilege to visit twice over the years. A colleague of mine, Richard Marchi and a freelance researcher, Hakan Sever, have also visited and added routes to the map as they have been built.

No transport map of this fabulous city would be complete without the Trams or SeaBus routes. There are three regular service tram routes and a historic route in the hills of Taksim. Three regular SeaBus routes and a ferry route down the Golden Horn, or locally known as Halıç are also featured on the map I have designed.

Here are a couple of interesting video compilations that introduce some of the unique transport features to be seen. Arguably each city has a unique collection or solution to its transport needs and Istanbul is certainly characterful. Possibly the most unusual, and certainly from my experience, is the metro station in the middle of a bridge! See for yourself in the video.

Metro Line M2 Halıç station
Tram Line T3 a circular route on the Asian side of the city