Wayfinding : Part 1

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Which version to use on the map?

Having undertaken the field research in each of the cities I’ve made maps for, I do, at least, want to represent the system as accurately as possible. In this example the dilemma is the version of spelling. I have two choices and both are valid – the signboards appeared on the walls on both platforms.

It would make the map messy, and not really add any more useful information to the user to put both of the spellings on, so I plumped for the more modern of the two signboards and fig.2 shows the result on the map.




Figure 1. Illustrates the way that the transport company – BVG – have decided to represent the name on their map. It could be argued that as it has been shortened it is neither accurate nor inaccurate.


And in these additional examples we can clearly see the older nameboards and the newer ones alongside each other. The older nameboards are on the back wall and the newer ones are on ceiling suspended structures that run the length of the platforms. As a note of interest you would only see these names on the opposite platform when in a train.

But here in Alicante is a completely different conundrum…