For Publishers

In collaboration with my associate company, Communicarta Ltd, I am able to offer a wide range of services to help you get the most from your investment in your products.

Whether you are a Guide Book publisher, an app publisher or indeed, a map publisher you are in safe and reliable hands. Years of experience and tens of thousands of hours of painstaking attention to detail mean that your products and your customers will benefit from my passion of making travel easier.

Services include:

  • customising each transport map to fit your exact requirements
  • consultancy to help you provide your customers with the relevant information
  • proof-reading sheet maps for accuracy in the specific area of public transport
  • designing new maps not already in the Communicarta list
  • database compilation and design appertaining to transit networks


And in case you may be wondering what difference a transport map gained from my experience is compared to one that might be locally available, I’ve put together a short video here.

There’s no need to feel lost and helpless trying to source transport maps and information from elsewhere. Use my experience, skills and knowledge to get the best for your publications