Amsterdam – Schiphol

Airports are often overlooked. Possibly because most people are in a rush to go through rather than stay. Shops abound, of course, and they are keen to attract. Sometime, however, by stopping and looking up, one can see something unique.

Dutch artist Maarten Baas has created a rather clever clock in the Terminal building at Amsterdam Schiphol. Looking at the time is now rather fun, particularly when you know how it’s done. This is real time filming. In other words, the actions of the ‘time painter’ in this case, have been filmed minute-to-minute over a 12-hour period. The minute hand really does ‘move’ in one minute and the hour hand likewise.

You can read more about Maarten’s work here.

There is some more in-depth detail about the concept in this article here.

In the meantime, here is a little video I shot whilst waiting for my flight one afternoon..

real time in action at Amsterdam Schiphol airport